Where do I find answers to my questions about camps?

1)      Look here
2)      Download and read the Parent Handbook
3)      Contact us with any additional questions at info@fishandexplore.com

What is your counselor to camper ratio?

We have a 1:4 ratio for fishing camps and 1:6 for all other camp programs. Each Camp is led by an Adult of at least (25 years old) with teaching skills and a true passion for the outdoors to insure that our camps are fun, educational and safe.

What should my child wear?

Active outdoor clothing that can get wet and dirty. Please see our Parent Handbook for a complete list of what to wear.

What type of shoes should my child wear?

A closed toe shoe, like an old sneaker or an active water sandal, or a hiking boot that covers your child’s toes.

Can my child wear Crocs or open toe shoes?

Nope! Crocs are not safe for camp. They wash off and float. Children are not permitted to wear Crocs, Flip Flops or open toe shoes to any of our programs.

Will my child wear a life vest in Fishing Camp?

Yes, we require all fishing program campers to wear life vests when in the water or on a boat.  Please refer to the Parent Handbook for further details

Does my child need a fishing rod for fishing camp?

Nope, Fish and Explore provides all fishing gear, terminal tackle and Life Vests.

Should I send my child with sunblock or bug spray?

Yes, you need to provide your child with sunscreen and bug spray (if your child is sensitive to insect bites)  that they can apply themselves. Fish and Explore Counselors are not permitted to apply sunscreen or bug spray.

What if my child needs an epi-pen?

Please provide 2 epi-pens for your camper. Our lead counselor will carry them each day. We take all medical issues seriously and want to be prepared. Please see full details in our Parent Handbook.

What should my camper leave home?

Electronic devices of any kind. Fish and Explore is not responsible for lost or damaged electronics, toys or other items brought from home.

No weapons of any kind (knives, sling shots, etc.)

Money should be kept at home, safe and dry.

Worries – we do not want you or your child to worry – It’s a fun camp.

What is your policy for drinks?

Parents are required to send Campers with a full water bottle each and every day. We will provide refills and we make sure that campers are taking drinks frequently.  Please do not send Sports Drinks, Fruit Juice and Sodas they actually leach hydration from your body. We will not allow your child to drink them during camp.

Why do you insist that the campers only drink water?

Simply put – nothing hydrates like water. Everyone needs it. We have spent a lot of time outdoors and find that if the campers drink water all through the day they will get tired, but stay happy.  We like happy campers!

Do you provide lunch?

Due to the risk of allergies, we do not provide lunch with our programs. Please see the Parent Handbook for our complete lunch policy.

Where do you go each day?

We travel to a new location each day. This allows us to create exciting programs and modify the schedule if the weather presents challenges. Each week the camp director will give you a list of potential sites we will visit. If a change needs to be made everyone will be notified of the new location. We will always pick up and drop off at the same place.

Do your vehicles have seatbelts?

Yes the campers are required to wear them. If your child is a younger camper that needs a booster seat, you are required to provide one. Your child and their booster seat will be returned to you at the end of each day regardless to how much they may protest.

What do you do when it rains?

Get wet. We are an outdoor camp a little rain is refreshing.

 OK, Wiseacre what about severe weather, do you have a policy for thunderstorms?

Yes, Fish and Explore Counselors are required to seek shelter for all campers, either indoors or in vehicles.  The campers will remain in shelter for the duration of the inclement weather, and for fifteen (15) minutes after the last visual lightning or audible thunder.  If you would like to read our full severe weather policy please refer to our Parent Hand Book

Do you keep the fish?

We practice CPR (Catch, Photograph, and release) for all fresh water fish that we catch.  When we go on our bay fishing trips parents can request that the fish be kept for eating. These fish can be cleaned at an additional charge by our charter boat partners.

Is it true that you have the best fishing camps ever?

Yes, but our Photography Camp Director will say that it is still fishing and therefore not as great as our Nature Photography and Hiking Camps.

Is it true that you have the best Nature Photography and Hiking Camps ever?

Yes it is, but our fishermen would still say it’s a close second behind the fishing camps.