Grow Through Nature

Fish and Explore is dedicated to developing programs that are structured around elements that naturally excite children – Animals, Water, and a little Dirt!


    They did it. They learned new skills, put them into practice, and are now sharing them with their favorite people.


    When kids are team players, they’re more likely to build good relationships with peers and accomplish more than they would alone.


    Big or small, these challenges teach your child to keep trying, whether it’s a tech problem or an issue with a friend at school.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing Fish and Explore camp was for Bobby. Everyday he came home so excited to tell us all the things they saw, and the adventures they had. It really pushed Bobby out of his comfort zone in walking thru creeks, and literally got him caked in dirt, which was so good for him!



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Community Involvement

At Fish and Explore, we practice the art of giving back. Whether it’s volunteer work, fundraisers, or donations, we’ve been active in bettering our neighborhoods and parks for 10 years. You are always welcome to join us.

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1 Piece

Help stop the Litter Bug!  Our concept is simple. You are already out walking in your neighborhood, park, beach or wherever.
Pick up 1 piece of trash and place it in a trash or recycle bin.

1 Person, 1 Piece, 1 Planet

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